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Family in the Spotlight May 23, 2008

I had so much fun today.  I had a chance to go for a morning run this morning and got a chance to spend my afternoon in giggles, squeals and playful delight with little B.  B is 7 months old and born only a few days before my third son.  Needless to say, this age is very much familiar to me at the moment;)

B is the first born child to Karina and Christian who came to the studio today to have images of B captured.  He was smiley from the moment he walked in, and I just knew we’d get along great!  He was full of little antics, and definitely loves to move.  He has mastered the commando crawl and is mere moments from getting those knees up underneath him…so get ready mom and dad for some high speed chasing any day now… And you were probably saying not to long ago ”I can’t wait until he crawls….”….careful what you wish for!  

I had an opportunity to do some Q&A with mom and dad today after our session, so let’s find out a little more about this session, about B, and about this fantastic family!

1. What is B’s favorite toy?

Lucky (the) Duck, or anything potentially dangerous he can get his hands on.


2. Looking at the talents and abilities that B already shows, what do you think he will be when he grows up?

Professional drooler?  Seriously, he can be whatever he wants – Right Wing, Left Wing, Centre, Defence – it’s really up to him.

 **You know, I have several of the Toronto Maple Leafs players as clients….I could hook him up! wink wink**


3. Describe him in 5 words or less

A new adventure every day.


 4. Tell us a little about this session

We were really impressed by how comfortable and fun the session was, and how easily you established a rapport with B.  Thanks for a great experience!


5. What prompted you to book this session with Heather and why this age?

I wanted to get some professional photos done as a birthday gift for Karina and we had both seen your work (in the waiting room where K got her ultrasound done) and loved it.

6. What are you most hoping for from your images of this session?

We’re hoping you can make us look skinny!  Honestly, we’ve found it hard to get a good shot of B, so we’re pinning our hopes on you!

**I think you will both agree, we got tons of great ones of B!**


7. Something that always gets B’s attention

Flowers, he loves flowers.

**So that right winger may just be a horticulturist!**

8. If B had been a girl, his name would have been….

Something else for his parents to disagree on!


Thanks guys for a great session today!

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