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Family in the Spotlight May 20th, 2008

This is little C-man…

C came into my life a few days after being released from the hospital.  He was born premature by 10 weeks, so although he came to me at 2 months old, he was still “technically” a newborn, and very small.

C was one of my limited edition Watch Me Grow babies…I had the pleasure of photographing him and his lovely parents three times in his first year, and it has been wonderful.   Now that he is two, his mom and dad booked a session for his second birthday to commemmorate the milestone.  Parents of preemies know that the second birthday marks a very important milestone…you can start referring to them as their actual age, and no longer use their corrected age.   Yay C!!

 I had the opportunity for some Q&A with mom, and here is what we know about C:

1. Describe C using one adjective



2. Your funniest memory of C:

A few months ago he used to love dancing around to music.  He would run in circles and clap and he had this way of winding himself up with his arms to twirl around on one foot.  He would also try to jump and could get himself off the floor, but seemed to always land right on his behind with his feet straight out in front of him.  People thought it was funny to watch.


3. Your session described in one word


4. Your child’s favorite bedtime ritual

C likes us to read him books.  He will say “read a book” and if we don’t sit together in the chair in his room to read he’ll say “in the chair”.  He may also ask for “stories”.  I think his favourite book is Zoom
- which is a book about things that go.


5. Your child’s favorite food

This is a tough one as C eats pretty much anything.  He is stopped after 3 servings now because he’ll just keep eating — so much that he gets a tummy ache.  You wouldn’t know he’s such a good eater from his size though – he’s a little guy.  He does like “orties” (smarties).


Thanks again, mom and dad!  As always, it is my pleasure.  He is an absolute doll….and his tackling me with camera in hand was the BEST :)  High five!

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